Theology Degrees

Bachelors Degree

The Bachelor Theology degree will introduce you to the Bible, the major theological themes of the Bible, and the major doctrines of the Christian faith. Your ability to understand and apply the Bible will be enhanced through historical and contextual exploration of Scripture. This degree will equip you to interpret the Bible for yourself and others. This degree will not only help you to understand and study the Bible, it will also provide a foundation for various ministry positions, personal growth and service.

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Masters Degree

The Masters degree in Theology will provide you with theological exploration of God, humanity, and human relationships to God and the world. This degree will prepare you for Christian ministry with knowledge and skills that will strengthen your biblical understanding from a theological perspective. This degree in theology may also appeal to you if you desire personal enrichment, a deeper understanding of God's Word, and choose to teach Bible classes.

Doctorate Degree

The Doctorate degree in Theology is designed to help the student develop a deeper, Biblical basis for understanding God and the theological implications for a Christian worldview, Christian ethics, leadership, maturity, and service. This theology degree will also provide academic training and leadership skills and will find yourself academically competent and spiritually prepared as an informed theologian for work as a pastor, missionary, ministry leader, or in academia.

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